If you get married in Arya Samaj temple, then you have to pay the marriage fees as well. All Arya Samaj temples have different marriage fees. Temples charge marriage fees according to their own, no temple does marriage for free.


Before getting married in any temple, know whether that temple is real or fake. Some touts bring marriages in temples, so they take their fee by adding it to the temple fee. Due to which the cost of marriage becomes more, that is why you should get married by coming to a valid Arya Samaj temple yourself, do not fall in the trap of any broker.

Before getting married in any Arya Samaj temple, know about it whether it is a fake temple or not. There are many Arya Samaj temples in Delhi, some are registered, some are fake. The owners of fake Arya Samaj temples have taken registration certificates with similar names, on the basis of which they keep getting married.

On this basis, they sometimes charge more fees. Always be careful from such temples. Must visit the Arya Samaj temple 2 or 3 days before getting married and see how that temple is. The temple should not be in rented rooms, it can be closed anytime.

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